Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy

This 3-Minute Bedtime Ritual Reverses Type 2 Diabetes
Wake up Lori?PLEASE wake up
I was pleading with my wife

Stay back please sir. Doctor Davidson told me sternly

She?s been in a diabetic coma for 5 days and most people don?t make it beyond this point.

She doesn?t have long to go and I recommend you start planning for a future without her.

Hot tears rolled down my face and I started sobbing as it dawned on me I was going to lose my wife?

$37.00 $99.00

I felt crushed with guilt and remorse as I remembered the times we fought…
I wanted to remember all the good times instead.

The times we laughed and joked together.

The times we?d stroll down the beach at sunset on vacation, hand in hand.

How happy we felt as we held our grandchild for the very first time

Those wonderful family Thanksgiving dinners filled with joy and laughter.

And the day we got married. It was the best day of my life.

Now her life was about to come to a cruel and painful end without her dream of seeing her grandkids grow up and graduate.

The doctor told us she had little hope of pulling out of her diabetic coma and if she did, nerve damage would make her life a living hell.

We?d never get to go on the beautiful trip to Europe we?d been saving for.

And what hurt most was I never got to say goodbye.

All Those Happy Moments. All Those Dreams. Gone.


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